Coastal Carolina Orchid Society

Photos, 2016

CCOS Meeting
June 12,2016

Our June speaker was Tom Wise from Johns Island Orchids, "A Baker's Dozen of Orchids: 13 Plants that Every Southern Grower Should Have."

Members had a large selection of orchids to choose from when deciding where to place their tickets for the plant raffle.

This blooming encyclia was on the raffle table.

A tolumnia on the Show-n-Tell Table.

Cattleya on the Show-n-Tell Table grown by Lance Parr.

Maxillaria tenuifolia grown by Mellonie White.

Deep South Orchid Society Show
April 29-May 1, 2016, Savannah, GA

The CCOS Exhibit garnered many ribbons and one show division trophy.

Marble Branch Farms exhibit (before ribbon judging).

The Windoms put in their usual stunning exhibit. The show venue has been moved to the lovely Georgia Botanical Garden.

Owens Orchids was a new vendor this year. This North Carolina nursery is under new ownership.

Some interesting new trends in Phalaenopsis breeding were exemplified by Phal Surf Song 'Arirang's Golden Touch'.

Marble Branch Farms exhibited the stunning Dendrobium Yasuko Suguyama 'Parade', which received an AM/AOS.

CCOS Meeting
April 10, 2016

Turnout was great for our talk by Kevin Jones on mounting orchids.

On the Show 'n Tell table: Colmanara Wildcat 'Bobcat'
grown by Gerri Greenwood

Also, Blc. Fran Wilson, named by Carter and Holmes after one of our members. Grown by Julie Ward.

And Dendrobium pierardii grown by Ann Truesdale. Some lucky members won kikis from this plant on the raffle table.

South Carolina Orchid Society Show
February 12-14, 2016, Columbia, SC

CCOS exhibit.

Carter and Holmes exhibit.

Paphoipedilum Fanatacum. Grower Julie Ward.

CCOS exhibit detail.

Phal. Little Caroline, Best in Class, Phalaenopsis. Grower Ann Truesdale

This Clowesia won Best in Class, Miscellaneous Genera.

Brassia Datacousa was Best in Class, Oncidium Alliance.

Cattleya Susan Fender 'Cinnamon' in the Carter and Holmes exhibit.

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