Coastal Carolina Orchid Society

Photos, 2017

Deep South Orchid Show, Savannah, GA - April 28-30

The CCOS exhibit after ribbon judging.
Set up by members Lance Parr, Janet Paraskeva and Debbie Wright.

Paphiopedilum Oberhausen's Diamant, a blue ribbon winner.
Grower: Julie Ward

South Carolina Orchid Show, Columbia, SC - February 10-12

CCOS exhibit after ribbon judging.

Phalaeopsis Lioulin Pretty Lip won the phalaenopsis division trophy.
Grower: Debbie Wright

Ascocendra Fomri 'Thai Spot' won the vanda division trophy.
Grower: Julie Ward

Phrag. Penns Creek Cascade 'Lydia Clement' won the slipper orchid division trophy and was awarded an AM/AOS. Grower: Ann Truesdale

Paph. Hsinying Maru, another blue ribbon winner, grown by Linda Cole.

Clowesia Rebecca Northern 'Mikabi' won a blue ribbon.
Grower: Debbie Wright

CCOS exhibit, showing some miniature plants displayed.

CCOS exhibit: some more ribbon winners.

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